Boy sees heaven – english 8 news article

Boy sees heaven – english 8 news article

Heaven is for Real Book Cover Heaven is for Real
Todd Burpo, Lynn Vincent
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November 2,2010
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Young boy sees heaven
Bre Blair, Journal Star

In a small town in Nebraska, young Colton underwent the scariest day of his life . In 2003, Colton being 4 years old, underwent appendix removal surgery. He underwent surgery because his appendix had exploded. Now this was a stander appendix removal surgery but what happened was not. This young boy saw the seat that Jesus our Lord and Savior sits on.

This young boy Colton underwent surgery in March of 2003. But his parents Todd and Sonja did not realize what happened to their little boy till almost two months later. Colton has made some little comments but they didn’t pick up on them till Colton said “ I was sitting on Jesus lap.”

As this family was putting the pieces together they did not understand when, where, and how this all happened, but young Colton let them know “at the hospital you know when doctor O’Halleran was working on me.” Now Colton saying this shows how this could have really happened, doctors do lose people sometimes in surgery, so maybe Colton did see heaven.

Him seeing Jesus was not the only cool thing this young boy saw in heaven. Sonja had lost a baby super early and Colton didn’t know about this baby. “In heaven Jesus brought a girl up to him and said, Colton that this is yours sister.” Colton telling his mom this, brought her to tears because she lost her baby so early that she didn’t know she had a little girl.

Colton is now living his life swing in the trees and swimming under the water, just as life should be for this young boy. His family and friends continue to keep him in their prayers.

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