I wish my teacher knew.

I wish my teacher knew.

     I wish my teacher knew that this isn’t my best subject, it takes me a while to understand things in English but I still try to do my best. I don’t really enjoy reading in my free time. I don’t know if it because it takes me a while to pick up on the book and understand what they are talking about or that it just work and makes me sleepy.

      I wish my teacher knew that I love sports. Everyday I would rather be in the gym getting better at a still or sitting and watching a game. I do a lot of sports and usually home around 7:30 every night. One of my biggest fears is that I will be too busy with sports and will be super stressed with school and my personal life.

     I wish my teacher knew that my dream when I grow up is to work with the disabled people. I want to show them they are just like everyone else and they shouldn’t be treated differently. I also want to help them with their everyday life. I think this came about because I love working with them and the old people. They just show me that you can still be happy in life even when your life isn’t going how you planned and it just gives me a new joy.

     I want my teacher to know that I want to learn how to do something new this year. It maybe in English but it also might be in a different class. I want to push myself and learn how to be a better student and get my homework done on time and get better grades and attitude towards school.

     I wish my teacher knew that I play basketball, volleyball and ran track. Last year in basketball we went to the national championship game in Indiana we places 11th out of 32 teams. Which is super good. Volleyball wasn’t as good we won a few and lost a few games. Tracks season went really well our 4 by 800 team won state. At state we cut out time down by 30 seconds which in track it’s really hard to do in a running event. 

     I hope you learned a little about me! Can’t wait for a great school year!

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